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Carol Tuttle shares her best and most effective self-healing methods that can quickly free you of damaging life patterns, negative behaviors and deep emotional blocks, without costly, difficult, time-consuming, expensive therapy.

From the desk of Carol Tuttle:

Dear Friend,

carol tuttle

If you're looking for an easy and graceful way to heal your emotional self and eliminate frustration and struggle from your life… then what I’m about to share with you will be a turning point for you.

As you read this special report, don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying,
"I have finally found my answer.”

For over a decade I have had the opportunity to assist and treat thousands of clients using interactive healing methods with tremendous success.  Many times as I sat in my office with a client I thought, “There has to be a better way to help people than just one-on-one.”  I knew the methods I was teaching worked, my client’s results were miraculous.  There had to be a way to reach more people to teach these healing techniques so more people would benefit.

Then one day out of nowhere, God put the way right in my path.  He brought into my life an individual who had created the technology to teach these methods via the internet.

I knew when I learned about this interactive web technology that God had just given me  a vehicle to reach millions of people that I could offer these powerful healing methods to..

I was thrilled.  I knew that I could teach these methods via the internet and make it affordable to everyone.

One-on-one therapy can be expensive and time-consuming.  It is a valuable resource that is beneficial.  Yet so many people do not have the financial means to pay $80-$120 an hour to get this kind of help.  I also knew that the methods I teach are unique and not readily available from trained practitioners everywhere in the world. 

With the new Carol Tuttle Healing Center, all you need is high-speed internet and you have access to some of the best self-healing help available and you can be anywhere in the world.

I know that things may be difficult for you right now… I know how hard it can be and I know how anxious you are to make things better in your life.

You see...

I have personally experienced just how difficult life can be if we don’t have control of our emotional well being. The truth is, my life was once full of turmoil, self-doubt and sadness, and extreme debt. Sound familiar?

I spent years in therapy. During that time, I really worked on myself, doing everything my therapist suggested.

She would say, “You’re doing great.” She even used the word, "recovered" at one point. How was I really feeling…? I was absolutely miserable.  It was not until I learned how to use the self-healing techniques I share with you  did my life really make some big, and fast changes.

Getting to the peace that I now enjoy has been quite a journey. I am very grateful to have gained the experience and wisdom I now have. I am grateful for the healing that God has blessed me with.  One of the most important lessons I learned through this dark journey is God wanted to bless me, but he wanted me to first learn how he created me to heal and he needed my participation to make that happen.  I’m excited to share these healing technologies with you and help you solve your emotional issues in a tiny fraction of the time it took me.

As a result of working on myself and years of coaching others, I have learned that…

We All Have Emotional Blocks...
Clearing Them Does Not Need To Take Years.
You Can Clear Your Emotional Blocks In Minutes!

Just Imagine...

• Putting The Brakes on Emotional Eating

• Shattering Your Walls To True Intimacy

• Self-Confidence Replacing Self-Doubt

• Living a Stress-free Life

• Increasing Your "Power of Attraction"

• A Magnified Self-Awareness

• More Fully Expressing Your Natural Gifts

• Self-Expression Without Fear of Rejection

• Crushing Your Barriers To Financial Freedom

Very quickly, you too can be enjoying a more peaceful and abundant life.

Before we move on, let me tell you something very personal…

I strongly believe that your healing is being led by a Divine hand.

With the right tools, the will to be healthy, and some spiritual support, we become loving and giving - selfless and peaceful - no longer handcuffed by judgment, anger, depression or other emotional limitations.

No matter how hopeless it may seem, I assure you that all your hard work and perseverance has just paid off. It has taken years, but I honestly have discovered several unique ways to help you. Here’s a small sample of what I mean.

I’m praying that you don’t miss this. This is an extremely important point in your healing. Let me ask you...

Are you open to something completely different?

I only ask because, at an important point in my own healing, I was also presented with a critical piece of information. I thought I knew it all, so I completely dismissed it.

This great error slowed my healing process dramatically. How many years I wasted!

No matter what you feel you know about emotional healing, let me tell you this…

What I am about to reveal to you - It Works!

Please Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did.

Please Don’t Be Quick To Dismiss This Vital Information!

Your Family Needs You To Be Whole, As Soon As Possible!

Let me tell you something very important…

It’s about a great gift that was once sent to me. To protect her privacy, we’ll call her Bonnie.

I had only been practicing for 16 months when Bonnie arrived. She was wheeled into my office by her devoted and desperate husband.

Diagnosed with full-blown Multiple Personality Disorder, she was under 24 hour watch.

It was devastating to see her. I didn’t know what I could do, but her husband pleaded. They really couldn’t afford my sessions, but I remained ‘on purpose’ and agreed to do the best I could.

I am so happy to tell you...

Bonnie Has Gone From Being Heavily Medicated and Displaying 53 Personalities to Being a Fully Functional, Happily Married Mother of 2

"Through my training as an Energy Therapist, my faith, Bonnie’s faith and the grace of God, Bonnie was able to experience full healing from her distorted condition – when Psychiatrists had told her it could never happen."

Bonnie’s exaggerated situation really was one of my greatest teachers. When it comes to your emotional well-being, I know what is keeping you stuck and what you can do to release yourself to the life you desire.

Simply put...

I Know How To Eliminate The Negative Emotional Energy That’s
Preventing You From Living A More Beautiful Life - And Now...

I Can Show You How To Quickly And
Inexpensively Correct It... Yourself!

Soon, You'll Be Happier Than Ever Before,
You'll Be...

• Advancing your career - More Productive

Feeling connected – More intimate and loving with spouse and family

• Better able to think, remember and concentrate - Mentally Clearer

Emotionally Lighter – Finding joy in the cry of a child and rainy days

• Able to find and experience deeper intimacy - More Fulfilled

Calm – Able to relax, wiping away stress like sweat from your brow

• Positive and Optimistic – Attracting The Finances You Want

More Spiritually Aligned – Feeling your Creator, always there

Here’s how I can say so with such conviction...

The more I used Energy Healing techniques with Bonnie and with other clients, the more I realized that what triggers the release of emotional issues in one person was very often exactly the same in another person.

The outward appearance and behavior may differ from one person to another but
-- and here’s the key -- the release mechanisms for “Core Issues” are all quite similar.

The Carol Tuttle Healing Center is an interactive website that teaches you the most effective and powerful self-healing methods available.  Through the use of live-streaming video and audio your home can become my office where you come to see me to facilitate personal sessions with you anytime of day, 7 days a week.  Through the miracle of the internet you can get the help you are ready for.

There are over 85 video and audio sessions available that teach you how to clear and heal your emotional self. 

Here’s Just Five, Little Known, Emotional Healing Techniques
that are taught on the Healing Center,
That Even Most Therapists Aren’t Aware Of…

• A secret Chinese “emotional remedy” that instantly eliminates anger, sadness, and resentment. – Become calm in minutes!

• Pressing on specific neurovascular points for just 3 minutes will help you replace sadness with optimism. – I’ll show you exactly where to press.

• You can effortlessly retrain your negative thought patterns with a readily available,
   non-invasive, $5 device. – You won’t believe how simple this is.

• Simple tapping techniques using a simplified version of Emotional Freedom Technique to clear your blocks on patterns so you can start to create healing and attract abundance.

At my new online Healing Center I will show you all of this and much, much more.

I promise, before you are even half way through this report... you will be 100% certain that the passionate and more fulfilling life you deserve is not far away.

Have you heard of EFT? 
EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. 
EFT is hands-down the most effective self-healing technique available. 

The Carol Tuttle Healing Center features EFT
as one of the primary self-healing techniques taught. 
If you have been looking for a resource to support you
in becoming a more proficient user of EFT
or you would like to learn how to use it,
or even if you have never heard of it,
the Healing Center is the most content rich resource available
to get the EFT support you need.


Are You Ready to Say Goodbye To…

  • Unexplained anger
  • Excessive spending
  • Feelings of unworthiness
  • Dysfunctional relationships
  • Needless worry and sleepless nights
  • Unexpressed feelings of hopelessness
  • Not feeling comfortable in the company of others
  • Overeating to comfort your emotions
  • A lack of money in your life...

Nobody else will tell you what I’m about to say next…

The Same Release Mechanisms Were Working
For A Variety Of Issues In Many Different People...

It Was Spectacular!

I Knew That This Healing Could Easily Be Duplicated.

Prominent magazines often write articles about Carol's techniques.

People could be empowered to heal themselves. That’s when I decided to start the Online Healing Center. What a blessing to bring such a valuable resource to so many people. You really have discovered something very powerful.

Our own research shows that 92% of our members receive dramatic benefits.

If my healing techniques can help Bonnie they can definitely help you.

To Release Your Negative Emotional Energy
And Feel The Benefits Within Minutes...

Go to the top of this page to get started

Before we go any further, I must ask you this…

Are you willing to really look at just how deeply
your negative emotions are affecting you?

Be very sure about your answer before going any further.

You must feel absolutely ready.

You’re still with me...Great!

I am so happy that you have made this choice. Let’s keep going.

It may not be what you want to hear, but let me say this...

Your life is a mirror and can ONLY reflect back to you the state of your inner health.

It’s only when you come out of it, that you can really see it.

I have experienced it several times myself, and I see it in other people… constantly.

FACT: Your life results tell us how much your negative  emotional energy is affecting you.

Lets look at the following three categories of your life… money, health, and relationships.

Ask yourself these 5 questions. Take just 30 seconds to consider the answer to each question.

1) How harmonious are my relationships?

2) What kind of thoughts do I have?

3) How much extra money do I have available to me?

4) How is my physical health?

5) Do I feel lovable?

Are you creating balance in these important areas of your life?

Soon I’ll be introducing you to a remarkable shortcut. First though…

Here’s Another Secret, Your Therapist Will Never Tell You…

Your body has an energetic system. This is where you hold your negative emotional energy. It’s locked in your DNA. What I call your energetic DNA. It’s waiting for the key to gently open it and let it go.

It’s in all of us but we don’t address it. We simply do not understand it, although it is very easy to access.

Here’s how I explain it:

We all know that behind anger is pain. Think about that. If it’s true, where is that pain being housed? It’s in our emotional DNA. We've all experienced emotional trauma. As a result we are all carrying negative emotional energy. It must have an outlet and that outlet is always expressed as our damaging life patterns and behaviors.

Your Negative Emotional Energy is
Damaging Every Aspect of Your Life!

You Absolutely Must Release It!

You Can Dissolve It Within Minutes
And Quickly Be On Your Way To…

- More fulfilling, more intimate, relationships

- More effectively attracting career advancements

- A deeper connection with family and friends

- Attracting more positive, like-minded people into your life
- Effortlessly filling your life with all forms of abundance

- More quickly recognizing God's presence in your life

To Release Your Negative Emotional Energy...
To Feel Results Within Minutes

Go to the top of this page to get started

I mean it…

Releasing negative emotional energy is very easy to do. We just need to be very specific about the signal we send.

Let me say that again...

Triggering the release of negative emotional energy really is very easy. Send the specific release signal required and it quickly dissolves!

It’s why you will feel so ‘at home’ when using The Online Healing Center. I'll show you exactly how to send just the right signal. The impact is immediate. Instantly you feel the freedom...a heavy weight...suddenly GONE.

You Can’t Know How Much Your Emotional Energy
Is Draining Your Life... Until You Release It!

It is empowering to know...

The power to change is already in you. It’s born in each of us. It only fails us because we have an unconscious habit of disengaging it. I call it the The Habit Factor™, an automated pattern of struggle that rarely gets broken. It may get better managed, but rarely does it get broken.

Until now, that is...

The goal of the Online Healing Center is to help you become completely free of your negative patterns and emotional blocks.

By becoming a member, you can avoid spending thousands of dollars and years in therapy.

• As a member, you’ll choose from a simple menu, which video presentation, which audio presentation, which healing tool or special report would be specifically helpful for your particular situation. - Personalized

• It’s like having your own personal counselor, available around the clock. No hourly fees - no appointments are necessary.

• You’ll have an endless resource offering you exactly what you need when you need it. - Personalized support – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll have access to.

You get to choose from over 85 video and audio sessions of my unique instruction – I’ll help you quickly dissolve your negative emotional energy.

Your choice of more than 39 specific healing tools – Leverage your own effort.

Countless Articles, including eBook and workbooks on a broad spectrum of Healing topics including:

  - Weight and Body Issues

  - Relationship Issues

  - Money Issues

  - Sexual Issues

  - Personal Development

  - And More

FREE members forum – interact in a supportive and like-minded community through message boards

You get my one-on-one instruction any time you want it.  I really hope you'll take advantage of this rare and invaluable resource.

In order to make the healing instruction as personal as possible, I’ve made it available via streaming video. It’s just like having me right there with you. You will need high-speed or broadband to use it.

Carol On ABC
Carol Tuttle Interviewed on ABC Television

In the video presentations, I address how to solve your specific issue using my exclusive methods. The presentations are short and simple to understand and you feel them working right away. You are going to love it!

I pay for the video service ‘by the minute’. It’s expensive to do. My accountant, told me not to do it. "Cuts into profits," he said. Despite his well-intentioned caution, I just had to do it. This is just so powerful.

You will feel connected and empowered, private but not isolated. Your senses are more fully engaged. The power of the healing is multiplied. You’ll see.

It excites me so much to offer such an invaluable tool at a price that’s affordable to everyone.

My personalized coaching, years of collected wisdom
and secret healing techniques are now
available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

For pennies on the dollar!

Imagine how quickly you’ll be seeing results.

Imagine the value to you and your family.

Imagine the weight that’s about to be lifted.

Here’s my special offer to you...

I could easily charge $100.00 a week for such a personalized, in-depth and intimate service. It's not uncommon for members to use the service several times a day. This really is a tremendous value!

We live in an important time. I want you to be ‘on purpose’, with nothing holding you back. You must have access to your healing.

Brian Now No Longer Worries About His Finances
Last night, my husband Jon said, “Carol, don’t undervalue it.  You should charge at least $200.00 per month for your online membership."

I have carefully considered my costs and everything we’ve sacrificed in putting this all together.

To me, the most important thing is that you get the help you want. I don’t want anyone who wants it to be without it.

I’m only going to ask for $97 per month, regardless of how often you use it. As I said, I pay for every minute you use the emotional clearing videos.

There is an expense to me. It's okay. If you're using those videos,
I know you're getting great benefits.

Can you imagine, all of this available to you any time you want
it for less than the cost of one therapy session.

My accountant thinks I’m about to break the bank...
My husband, Jon, has lovingly surrendered...
Me... I’m smiling from the inside out.

For a limited time I’ll take a full $30.00 per month off...

...of your price for as long as you remain a member. That makes the price only $67. You’ll be saving money every single month and...

I know I can help because everyday I receive testimonials of how people's lives have been changed by my techniques. Here's one that just came in...

"I have cleared so much sadness by using your site. I feel clearer, more self-confident, and more balanced. My previous beliefs and approach to financial abundance have shifted as well. Thanks Carol."

- Betsey Ricciardi, Scottsdale Arizona

Here are just a few of the comments readers of
Remembering Wholeness have posted at

- written with spiritual guidance – Toni Harvier

- teaches how to heal and tap into the healing powers inherent inside each Child of God – David Patterson

- I was fascinated by the wisdom I found – Randy Gilbert

Do you know of any other resource as comprehensive and inexpensive as this? The bonuses alone, will forever change your life.

Unfortunately, I can only do this for a limited time. Take advantage while it lasts.

Once you join, you are in charge of your membership.  You can stay a member for 1 month or 12 months – it is up to you.  Our system has your membership on automatic renewal so your price will never go up.

To get started fill out the form at the top of this page.

This is your best price and your best offer, for the greatest emotional healing resource available anywhere.

There is nothing like it at such a low price!

I know it takes courage to step into more of your light and truth - to be more accountable in your life.

You may ask “Am I ready?”  I believe that you are.  I pray that you are.

God bless,

Carol Tuttle

Carol's Signature

PS: I will be supporting you all the way.